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Welcome to Norwich and District Beekeepers Association

We are a friendly bunch and open to ALL members of the community who are interested in Beekeeping. It doesn't matter if you have a Bee hive or not, or are just interested in getting some hands-on experience before making the commitment to purchasing your first Bee hive. Our association is dedicated to promoting and educating people about beekeeping. We organize events and workshops to share knowledge and experience. Join us to learn more about the fascinating world of bees!

Meet The Committee
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Laraine Kuntze

Branch Chair

Laraine is in charge

KT Brewster

Vice Chair

KT is our tech expert

Ollie Chubbock

Branch Secretary

Ollie helps keep us all in line

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Linda Bryant

Branch Membership Secretary / Treasurer

Linda is in charge of our money

Pete Taylor

Disease and Infection Control Secretary

Pete is the Oracle, what he doesn't know about Bees isnt worth talking about

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Jane Horton

Education and Training Secretary

Jane teaches us all about Bees

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Paul Barrs

Web Master

If it wasn't for Paul you wouldn't be here reading this right now.

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Swarm of Bees

Norwich & District Beekeepers Association

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